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The House of Sloth is a Los Angeles based visual arts studio.

H.O.S. incorporates many disciplines of art within a single studio.

We specialize in the macabre, unusual and outrageous. From Steampunk to Gothic Horror, H.O.S. makes all your dreams and nightmares possible.



STEAM DREAMS: An Interactive Art Experience


H.O.S is hiding five mysterious symbols throughout the city of Los Angeles and on line. It's up to you to find each one and unlock the secret codes to reveal their hidden messages.

It's a "Di Vinci Code" style game that combines the immediacy of street art with the inter activity of the web.

Join our Facebook fan page to receive game clues and tips. It's free to play and anyone can participate. Find and collect cool artwork, unlock their codes and claim your rewards. Are you up to the challenge?




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